We need to act now or RISK losing EVERYTHING. Join your fellow Patriots and sign the petition below.
With Joe Biden in power and the radical left controlling two of our three branches of government, Republican action has never been more critical. Day by day we see our civil liberties stomped on, our children indoctrinated, and our communities ravaged by America LAST policies. As Republicans, our mandate has never been clearer- we need to act and we need to act now, or risk losing everything.
While the Left will undoubtedly try to halt us at every turn, there is a greater threat to America’s salvation. An internal threat destabilizing Republican’s ability to mount a concerted response to Biden and his radical leftism. That threat is the RINO wing of the Republican Party.

The country has spoken- the overwhelming majority of conservatives support President Donald J. Trump, they support his America First policies, and they supported his stand for election integrity and transparency. These RINOs do not represent the great patriots who elected them, and they certainly do not represent the deep red districts they represent in Washington. These RINOs like Adam Kinzinger, James Lankford, Lisa Murkowski, and Liz Cheney don’t serve their constituents, they serve their egos, the swamp rats of Washington, and mainstream media puppet masters. They do not serve you.

For four years, we watched RINOs obstruct President Trump’s America First Agenda at every turn. We then watched them cave on President Trump in his efforts to call for election integrity and transparency, and even watched some jump across the aisle and vote to impeach President Trump. Now we are watching them work with Joe Biden and the radical left in their efforts to attack and alienate 75 Million Trump supporters, and also pass America LAST legislation like the radical Left’s “infrastructure” bill. All of this without securing our border, standing up to China, and openly detesting the very people who gave them a job in the first place: you.

The great thing about American politics is that no matter how hard the swamp rigs, and no matter how loudly the media whines, these “Representatives” and Senators are ultimately beholden to you, the voter. We have dealt with RINOs for far too long, it’s time to send them home. They undermined President Trump at every turn, they handed Nancy Pelosi the reins of power, and with your support, their time in Washington is over.

Today, we are launching our nationwide campaign to REMOVE ALL RINOs. But we can’t do this alone. We need all of your help to remove them from the halls of Congress and replace them with PATRIOTS who will actually represent their voters and put AMERICA FIRST.
God Bless You, and God Bless the United States of America.

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